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Services - World Influencers Network


You have earned the right to have your voice heard

Are you ready to make a Splash!

Are you seeking a way to increase your message and visibility?
Is now the time to finally find your voice?
Did you know that Radio and Podcasting are still the strongest media today?
Don’t know where to begin?


 Q: Me? A radio show host? Why?
A: We believe everyone has a voice and a story! World Influencers Network llc is a global platform that allows you to reach out to and connect with people all around the world. Your listening audience will be moved and inspired to reach out and connect with you, your story, your message, your ideas… What happens after that… is up to YOU!
A: We select a diverse community of voices from many different professional backgrounds including; CEO’s and Presidents of large companies, Business Owners, Directors of National Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Published Authors, Public Speakers, Professional Athletes, Spiritual Gurus, Entrepreneurs / Financial / Business Experts, Workshop Leaders, Social Change-Makers and everyone in between. If you have a message that will educate, inform and entertain then let’s discuss the possibility of you becoming a host!
 Q: What is the difference between Live and & On Demand broadcasts?
A: Live broadcasts are aired in real time. On-Demand broadcasts are archived audio files that are pre-recorded and available 24/7. Every show on the Network is archived and available for on-demand listening.

 Q: What kind of support will I receive?
A: You will receive full support from the Network. This includes pre-production, promotion, marketing, social media, web page development, training and more. You will also have a dedicated Executive Producer to oversee the entire show.
 Q: How did you choose me?
A: World Influencers Network llc has a research staff dedicated to identifying industry leaders and professionals with a high level of expertise including: speakers, authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, athletes, entertainers and overall interesting people.
 Q: Is there a cost?
A: Yes, there is a cost involved to produce a show. The Network must first determine if your show ideas and content fit the profile we generally look for in someone to be a WiN host. With Network approval, you and your dedicated Executive Producer will discuss the business arrangements associated with hosting a show.

A few things we’re great at

WiN offers a full line of production and multimedia services along with our web-based radio platform.
Please review some of our other services below

Audio Production
Liners, ads, Intro, Outro, Rejoin-production which includes:
•Professional Voice Talent
•Music licenses for intro and Outro
•Commercial copywriting and script creation

•Greetings, CEO interviews, Promotional Video, Infomercials
•High Definition Recording and Delivery
•Music license Music for Radio and Video
•Professional Hosting Talent available
•Commercial copywriting and script creation

Graphic Designs Creation
•Banner Ad creation
•Brand extension
•Design for Print layouts
•Media Kit Creation
•Managed Podcast Recordings
•Dedicated professional studio engineer
•Recording time for 1 hour via Zoom or Skype
•Post-production editing with insertion of all elements

Press Release Services
•WiN can help you to create a press release and distribute that to the masses
•Radio Show Page Creation and Hosting
•Creation of Graphics for show page
•Creation of Audio Show promo to showcase content
•Ability to Run a video in the Promo player
•RSS podcast content Listed in iTunes, iHeart and Stitcher and more.
•Ability to run Banner ads in 728×90 in 3 places: Above fold, Middle, Bottom
•Hosted player for embedding on third-party sites
•Major Social Media sharing and embedding functionality

Are you ready to make a Splash!


Contact us to find out how we can make your Voice Heard.